This Is the Age When Women Feel Sexiest

Sophie Miura

Teenage models and 20-something It girls might dominate popular culture, but it turns out the age when women feel sexiest is later in life. According to a study reported by Daily Mail, the age when women feel their most confident, self-assured, and sexy is 34.

So why are your 30s such a great decade? Of the 2000 women polled, 64% believe their confidence has built with age while a third say it’s because they’re in a happy relationship.

Interestingly, those involved in the study argue sexiness is about much more than the way you look. The majority believe it’s linked with being in control of your life and feeling content with who you are regardless of appearance.

If you’re not 34, don’t worry. The study also revealed the top triggers that make women feel sexy. Try these activities today for an instant mood boost:

  • Change your hairstyle
  • Run a bath
  • Visit the gym
  • Plan a night out with friends
  • Share a bottle of wine

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