The 20-Minute Workout You Can Squeeze In Over the Holidays

Kelsey Clark

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Take 1: If you're determined to be in good shape on New Year's Eve…

PureWow's 20-minute holiday workout can be done from the comfort of your childhood bedroom. From squats to mountain climbers, this quick at-home workout is the perfect antidote to a weekend holiday bender.

Take 2: If it takes you two hours to get out of bed in the morning…

The Ruggie alarm clock will force you to change your ways. As the world's first rug alarm clock, the Ruggie won't snooze until you get out of bed and physically stand on it. You'll be an early bird in no time.

Take 3: If you've been waiting for the avocado emoji…

Apple just released over 100 new emoji—avocado included. Other important new additions include clinking champagne glasses, strips of bacon, a Vespa, facepalm, a salad, and more.

Take 4: If you can't decide between Netflix and HBO Go…

Reddit users are doing the legwork for you. From shopping to entertainment, users agree that these are the only subscriptions worth signing up for. Spoiler: Amazon Prime tops the list.

Take 5: If you don't have time to bake this holiday season…

These 15 no-bake holiday desserts from PopSugar practically make themselves. Between no-bake pumpkin cheesecake and Christmas wreath cookies, you'll never have to use your oven again.

Your afternoon pick-me-up:

Treat yourself (or a friend) to a curated candle subscription from Vellabox. Because nothing says relaxation like burning a brand-new artisan candle each and every month.

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