7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Baby Name, According to Experts

Sophie Miura

Choosing the perfect baby name is deeply personal, but for a handful of experts who specialize in the field, it’s an art. Enter the new fleet of professional baby namers, people tasked with scouring thousands of options to find the best moniker. Sherri Suzanna, founder of New York–based service My Name for Life, says it’s taken years to refine her “discovery interview,” the questions she asks people who seek her help. “Parents often find it difficult to characterize the types of names they like—it’s like asking someone to explain why they like the color blue or red,” she tells MyDomaine. “So, I’ve developed a variety of techniques to help identify style preferences, naming parameters, and even sources of naming anxiety.”

To make it a bit easier, we called on Suzanna’s expertise to create a simple list for soon-to-be parents. Don’t choose a name before asking these seven vital questions.

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