Your Teenage Side Hustle Is Now a Well-Paying Career

Sophie Miura

Once a part-time job for teenagers or students, new research shows babysitting could be a brilliant and very profitable way to earn an extra income. According to Time, a new UrbanSitter survey shows babysitters are now making more than double the minimum wage. That's not bad for your teenage side hustle! 

The pay spike is seeing more professionals try babysitting in addition to their nine-to-five job. After all, keeping an eye on your neighbor's children for more than $15 an hour is an easy way to boost your savings. "More professionals with specialized skills and college degrees have been drawn into the babysitting space, and they are able to command higher rates," UrbanSitter CEO Lynn Perkins told USA Today. According to the new data, babysitters are bringing in $15.71 an hour, which is twice the average wage. Watching two kids could earn you $18 per hour, the study found. 

Thinking of becoming a weekend babysitter? High rates are dependent on location, and bustling metro areas like New York City and San Francisco command the highest rates. It's also worth keeping in mind that 21% of parents call a sitter twice a month, so there's no guarantee of regular work. But if you've got the spare time, it could be a fun and easy way to boost your income after hours. 

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