A Commitment-Phobe’s Guide to Trying the Latest Home Trends

Sophie Miura

Home décor trends change as often as runway fashion, so picking one style for your home can be a big commitment—both financially and aesthetically. But that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe (read: boring). Try our five-piece rule: With just five accents—and no big furniture investments—you can update your room in an instant. These small pieces will help you visualize the trend in your space so you can decide whether you want to go all-out and invest in large furniture.

The best part? If you decide it’s not your style, the accents are interchangeable. Easily swap them out and try the next trend, regret-free. Keen to give your bedroom a five-piece makeover? We’ve curated a handful of accents in line with spring’s best trends. Commitment-phobes, keep scrolling!

Perfect for the color-averse, minimalist décor delivers double the impact in black and white. Scale back your bedroom colors, and focus on adding five pieces with strong, sculptural lines. Our picks: an industrial, exposed-bulb bedside lamp and a metal wall grid to display postcards and notes. Finish the look with a typographic artwork for extra street cred.

The Five Pieces:

  1. Urban Outfitters Wire Wall Grid ($59)
  2. Architect Made Gemini Candleholder ($98)
  3. Jasmine Dowling Modern Romantic Print ($42)
  4. Consort Design Black Colorblock Cashmere Pillow ($250)
  5. West Elm Mobile Table Lamp ($129)

Keen to commit? Why not reduce your whole space to a pristine black-and-white palette? Store away colorful accents for next season, and introduce an architectural sconce for ambience.

It’s safe to say that we have major wanderlust here at MyDomaine, which explains our soft spot for the latest global-inspired interiors dripping with treasures from far-flung destinations. This spring, we’re in love with dusty-hued Persian rugs. Strip your room back to a neutral base and focus on adding oriental patterned accents. This can be an intimidating trend to experiment with so start with one key piece, like a statement kilim rug. Then mimic the geometric shapes when choosing your other four accents and remember: Color and texture are key.

The Five Pieces:

  1. Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Elmas Kilim Woven Rug ($44 and up)
  2. Martin Azua Kàntir de Verano Vase ($96)
  3. Leif Neutral Tassels Lidded Basket ($68)
  4. 4040 Locust Salaya Ikat Woven Pillow ($49)
  5. CB2 Wood Shapes ($20 for set of three)

Keen to commit? If you love these tribal bedroom accents, step it up a notch and invest in a statement woven wall hanging to complete the look.

Rose gold has had its moment in the design spotlight, and now it’s time for yellow gold to return as the metal of choice. Give you room the Midas touch with sleek, luminous pieces. The key to updating your bedroom with this trend is to focus on high-impact objects rather than textiles. The best part is that if you don’t love it after a month, you can disperse the gold pieces throughout your home. Every space can do with a metallic touch.   

The Five Pieces:

  1. CB2 Raya Vase ($45)
  2. Poketo Gold Mirrored Globe Bulb ($18)
  3. Consort Design Peace Hand Statue ($149)
  4. CB2 Gallery Brass Picture Frames ($20 and up)
  5. Skultuna Tray With Leather Insert ($110)

Keen to commit? If you love this trend after the trial, go one step further and add statement gold furniture. Unlike your first five accents, avoid large décor in allover gold. Instead, opt for a bedside table or dresser with molten hardware.  

Your marble obsession is about to reach new heights. After years as a hero material in the kitchen and bathroom, Carrara marble has slowly made its way into other rooms of the house. Next stop: the bedroom. This season, we’re seeing marble accents mixed with quartz and agate for a unique twist. Test-drive this trend with subtle décor, like a polished stone candleholder or marble-inspired artwork.

The Five Pieces:

  1. Menu Black Marble Wall Clock ($269)
  2. Shh Silk Twin Mixed Marble Silk Pillowcases ($139)
  3. The Citizenry Hauri Candleholder ($195)
  4. West Elm Accent Spotlight Table Lamp ($69)
  5. Akwaflorell Marble Art Print ($15)

Keen to commit? Continue the mixed-minerals theme throughout your bedroom by swapping out your dresser top with marble or stone. Alternatively, keep your costs down by covering the surface with faux marble contact paper.

What trends would you like to see in our next story? Tell us in the comments below.

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