The Top 5 Industries for Office Romance

Sophie Miura

Whatever your stance on office romance, research suggests the workplace is still one of the top places to meet a partner and that coworker relationships are the most likely to result in marriage. If you're looking for The One, you're in luck: AOL has revealed new research that ranks the best industries for office romance. Read on to discover the top five industries where coworker couples are common. 

  1. Fashion: A massive 83.87% of people in the fashion industry admit they have been in one or more office relationships.
  2. Politics: Of people with a political career, 80% have sparked romance in the workplace. Perhaps House of Cards is more realistic than we thought. 
  3. Transportation and Logistics: 75.93% of those in the transport industry have dated a coworker. 
  4. Construction: 75% of construction workers say they've gone on a date with a colleague.
  5. Banking and Finance: Of those who work in finance, 70% say they've met a partner during work hours.

Not in one of these industries? Shop our edit of the top dating apps, then visit AOL to read the full story. 

What are your dos and don'ts for dating a colleague? Tell us in the comments. 

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