Suds Up With The 13 Best Natural Cleaners

Meghan Rooney


You deem yourself a neat freak and habitually tidy up, but does that mean you actually have a clean home? While commonplace cleaning products claim to kill germs and eliminate bacteria, many of these chemically comprised formulas leave a trail of hazardous toxins behind, which accomplishes just the opposite in terms of keeping you and your family healthy. Fortunately, the market for safe yet effective products has expanded, and there are plenty of beautifully scented, plant-based products that truly work to clean and sanitize your space just as well as the big bad guys. The pro? No risk of polluting your home with hidden ingredients that are actually—how do we say it?—dirty. Did we mention these natural products look a lot prettier too? Upgrade your standards and stock your shelves with the best green cleaning goods below.

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