Travel Photographer Reveals the Best Destinations for Stargazing

Sophie Miura

Looking for a romantic weekend away? When it comes to the best vacation hot spots, few know secret pockets of the globe better than travel photographers. Business Insider spoke to professional landscape photographer Grant Kaye to uncover his top recommendations for photogenic places to see the twinkling night sky. Pack a picnic rug and bottle of wine, and you've got a truly unforgettable night. Keep scrolling to plan your next vacation (and Instagram posts)…

Where: Fairbanks is the largest city in the interior region of Alaska. According to Kaye, it's a great base to explore the area's natural attractions.

Why: "Alaska will always be a favorite place to shoot at night," Kaye tells Business Insider, thanks to its unrivalled views of the natural light phenomenon aurora borealis. "It really is a completely unparalleled spiritual experience that I cannot recommend enough." This photograph was taken two and a half hours southeast of Fairbanks, away from city lights. 

Where: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is a protected area in White Mountains, California. It's open to the public mid-May to November. 

Why: The pine forest is home to stunning ancient trees that create an otherworldly silhouette against the lit-up night sky. 

Where: Located northwest of Lake Tahoe, this national forest boasts pristine rivers, snow capped peaks, and dense foliage.

Why: Kaye lives in Truckee, just moments from Tahoe National Forests's stunning scenery. This location has some of the most "incredible views that a photographer could ever want," he says.

Keen to plan a national park getaway to see the night sky? Shop the guide below then visit Business Insider for more stunning star-spotting destinations

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