Thoughtful and Inventive Gift Ideas If You're Best Friends With the Bride

Meghan Rooney

With the rise of gift registries and, more recently, honeymoon funds, the sentiment behind a wedding gift doesn’t always shine through. But if your best friend is the bride, chances are you want to gift her with something as special as she is to you. While you can go the standard route with a Le Creuset Dutch oven in her favorite color or champagne glasses for all the toasts ahead of her, it’s a bit more fun to surprise her with something you know she’ll love—we’re betting you know her better than (almost) anyone.

That said, we’ve come up with a few fun and unusual, but mostly thoughtful, ideas to give your BFF on her big day. Impress her with the time you spend creating a custom photo calendar or help her get a head start on packing for the honeymoon with a new beach tote and bikini. While being there for her as she walks down the aisle is one of the most meaningful actions you can take, these original gift ideas will be the next best thing. Shop our favorite gift ideas for your best friend, the bride, below.

Which of the above is your favorite off-the-registry bridal gift idea? Do you have a go-to gift for special brides?

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