Busy Workers Are Happier and More Efficient, Study Finds

Sophie Miura

Being busy might be a popular lament among working women, but a new study suggests your full workload might actually be a good thing. According to the Financial Times, researchers from Columbia University have found that self-proclaimed busy employees are more efficient and happier than their less-stretched colleagues. 

Turns out, a busy schedule doesn't just help the day go by faster. Professor Keith Wilcox of Columbia University found that people with a bigger workload are better at bouncing back after missing a deadline and claim to be happier. "Our research shows that being busy is one way to reduce the sense of failure," he says. Why? Workers who set multiple deadlines aren't deterred if they miss one since there were plenty more to account for their productivity. 

Not a busy bee? If your work schedule is lighter than usual, Wilcox suggests a simple way to reap the benefits of being busy, even when you're not. The key is breaking larger tasks into a series of small deadlines; it will motivate you to power through your to-do list, giving you a boost of satisfaction every time you cross something off.

Ready to embrace your busy schedule? Shop the notepad below, then visit the Financial Times to read the full story. 

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