This Lunchtime Habit Could Be Damaging Your Career

Sophie Miura

Matt Jones for Elle Italia

When the clock strikes 12 p.m. and you've got a busy work schedule ahead, it's easy to opt to eat lunch at your desk. If you regularly find yourself eating solo at work, a new study has found that the habit could be jeopardizing your career. According to AOL, a Cornell University study reveals that lunchtime habits play a big role in building team morale and boosting productivity. 

Researchers surveyed the lunchtime routine of firefighters working at 13 offices in a major American city. They discovered that workers who prepare and eat at least one meal together each week feel closer and also have improved group performance. According to self-reported data, the more a team eats together the better they perform at work. Researchers admit that more study is needed to prove the link, but it's certainly a compelling case for ditching your desk for a team lunch.

Inspired to prepare lunch at work? Shop 10 healthy cookbooks for recipe ideas then visit AOL to read more about how eating solo could impact your career.

Have you found that eating lunch with your colleagues has helped your work performance? Share your experience in the comments below. 

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