Uber and Taxi Assault Is on the Rise—Is This New Startup the Answer?

Sophie Miura

It’s late and you need to get a ride home. You reach for your phone to book an Uber or Lyft ride but have a niggling feeling of concern for your safety. It’s not unwarranted—after all, in the last few months, newscasts have been awash with worrying headlines. In November, there were multiple reports of assault by ride-sharing drivers in Austin, Texas, and in April, a Boston Uber driver was accused of rape. It’s a worrying trend for women, but one that could soon come to an end.

According to Mic, a ride-sharing app called Chariot for Women could be the long-awaited solution. The car service is exclusively for women and children, with a fleet of all-female drivers. The company’s mission is simple: “driving women towards empowerment and safety.” It also pledges that part of the proceeds of each ride will go to a roster of nonprofits.

While it’s currently operating under the name Chariot for Women, the founders recognize the fairy-tale allusion isn’t ideal. They’re calling for new name suggestions and will launch the app under the winning name on April 19.

Looking for a safety app in the interim? Download GetHomeSafe to send alerts to friends and family, and then visit Mic to read the full story.

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