9 Ways to Introduce Color Into a Neutral Space

9 Ways to Introduce Color Into a Neutral Space

Decorating with neutral colors is safe, timeless, and chic. But sometimes you may want to add just a little something to your mainly white, beige, and gray space. Scared of going too bold? Don’t be! Below we’ve listed nine ways to add color to your space, from simply adding in a plant — for the total scaredy cats — to creating a balance with multiple saturated hues.

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    Opt for a Colorful Rug

    PHOTO: Patrick Cline designed by Hillary Thomas

    Incorporate a rug with a colorful pattern or detail to add some interest underfoot. An area rug with a colored component will help hide dirt and debris and is a good way to ease into more colorful décor.

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    Anthropologie Hand-Knotted Umberto Rug (from $298)

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    Choose Bright Accessories

    PHOTO: Courtesy of Amanda Nisbet

    A grouping of like-colored accessories can add an impactful and non-permanent pop of interest to your space. In this kitchen from designer Amanda Nisbet, a grouping of cobalt vases gives the neutral room some personality but, should the homeowner later decide green is more their thing, the pieces can be easily switched out.

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    Incorporate Flowers and Plants

    PHOTO: Oberto Gili for Vogue designed by Daniel Romualdez

    A colorful floral arrangement or house plant will add not only an organic element to your space, but a vibrant hue as well. Also temporary and portable, test out different locations for your arrangement to find a spot where you feel most comfortable adding a dose of color and life.

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    Get Artistic

    PHOTO: Rikki Snyder

    If you prefer to keep your furnishings and accessories monochromatic, introduce color into your space through artwork and photography. Keeping the surroundings simple will allow your artistic pieces to take center stage and create a gallery-like environment of little outside distraction.

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    Tappan Collective Gaucin by Alison Hall Cooley ($1200)

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    Go With a Saturated Textile

    A single patterned or colored piece can make a real statement in a neutral space as seen here in the Malibu home of designer Richard Shapiro. Opt for a single, attention-getting throw or blanket to inject personality without having to completely redecorate.

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    Canvas Home Hand Dyed Velvet Throw ($180)

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    Choose a Single Statement Piece

    PHOTO: Rikki Snyder

    If you’re brave, but really do just prefer a neutral space, bring in color and make a statement with a single saturated piece of furniture. The blue leather hanging chair in this room is certainly an attention getter, but it nicely coordinates with the room’s other neutral, textural elements.

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    Serena & Lily Tucker Chair ($168)

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    Start with Soft Hues

    PHOTO: Ryann Ford designed by Elizabeth Stanley

    If you’re ready to move on from a totally safe color palette, start working in soft colors in small doses slowly. Peach, blush, mint, and pale yellow will add a different perspective to your space without seeming too out of place with your room’s existing calm neutrals. Incorporating faded rugs, textiles, and accessories is a good place to start.

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    Arianna Belle Betwixt Pillow ($110)

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    Introduce a Single Accent Color

    PHOTO: Patrick Cline designed by Hillary Thomas

    In this space from designer Hillary Thomas, sage green is introduced into a neutral space in several different ways enabling this vignette to feel cohesive, yet understated. The lamp shades, arrangements of succulents, and the artwork’s mats all coordinate to introduce color in a beautifully controlled dose.

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    World Market Thyme Burlap Lamp Shade ($14)

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    Limit Your Colorful Components to Two Distinct Accents

    PHOTO: Courtesy of Amanda Nisbet

    If you want to incorporate color into your space through accents and accessories but are afraid of getting carried away, limit yourself to two different hues to prevent your space from becoming disconnected and abrasive. Here, designer Amanda Nisbet has again layered color into a neutral space, limiting her doses to navy blue and canary yellow to create a cohesive design with a neutral foundation.

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    Williams Sonoma Home Pleated Pillow Cover ($50)

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    Wayfair Judy Table Lamp ($154)

    For more colorful inspiration, check out our Tasty Color Palettes board on Pinterest.

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