5 Words That Could Jeopardize Your Job Interview

Sophie Miura

It's common to rehearse responses before a job interview, but do you think about the specific words you say? According to business experts, you should. AOL polled top hiring managers and career leaders to find out which words could give a negative first impression in a job interview. Read on for our edit of the top five words to remove from your work vocabularystat!

  1. Benefits. "Don't bring up how much you love some of the company's perks, such as their policy of having every third Friday off or their free snacks," business speaker Michael Kerr tells AOL. Flip the focus, and discuss why your skills could be of value to them instead.
  2. Nervous. Even if you are nervous, don't let on. "In this case, honesty is not the best policy," says Amy Hoover of Talent Zoo. 
  3. Mistakes. If you're asked the standard question about mistakes you've made in a past role, don't repeat the key word. Instead, try to include words like "lesson" and "experience."
  4. Sick. Avoid talking about any health or personal issues, whether it be a recent bout of the flu or a breakup. "This can be viewed as a major red flag for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being the question of whether your personal challenges are going to affect your job performance," says Kerr. 
  5. Money. Leave salary negotiation for the next stage of the interview process. Dropping the M-word too early could make you seem financially motivated. 

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