30 Experiences That Make Awesome Gifts

Katie Sweeney

Christmas is less than a week away and if you’re still not sure what to give your little sister or favorite cousin, you’re running out of time! However, don’t hurry to the nearest Nordstrom to pick up a scarf, candle, or necklace. Instead of giving them something they may not really love or don’t really need, why not give them an experience? Most people’s closets and kitchens are filled with things, right? But how many people can say they went to a buratta-making class? Or had a 90-minute facial with diamond-infused products? A once-in-a-lifetime experience is way more memorable than a cashmere sweater! Order a gift card online or print out a one-pager detailing the experience. Place this in a box, wrap it, and stick it under the tree. Not sure what experience to give? Here are 30 inspiring experiences that make awesome gifts.

  1. A spa treatment at a fancy hotel.
  2. A blowout and manicure at a stylish salon.
  3. A gym membership for several months.
  4. A trip to the mountains, plus a private ski lesson.
  5. A trip to the beach, plus a private surf or scuba lesson.
  6. A photography class.
  7. A personal chef to cater dinner for a party of eight.
  8. A cooking (cheese-, pizza-, sausage-making) class.
  9. A private golf lesson.
  10. A helicopter ride over beautiful local scenery.
  11. Tickets to a concert or show.
  12. VIP passes to a wine tasting.
  13. Bike rentals and appointments to go wine tasting by bike.
  14. An Airbnb rental for the weekend.
  15. Art or floral-arranging classes.
  16. Ice skating rentals for the whole family.
  17. Museum passes.
  18. Tickets to a sporting event. The Super Bowl is coming up!
  19. A gift certificate to the hottest, hardest-to-get-into restaurant in town.
  20. Something daring and crazy: skydiving, bungie-jumping, or race car driving.
  21. Singing lessons.
  22. A ClassPass.
  23. Two nights at an upscale hotel. You’ll babysit the toddlers, so the new parents can have the time off.
  24. A massage.
  25. A commissioned or personalized piece of art.
  26. A dinner at a restaurant’s private dining room.
  27. A boat ride.
  28. A makeup class.
  29. A styling session with a personal stylist.
  30. A shopping spree. 

For more amazing experience gift ideas, visit IfOnly, a website that curates and sells unparalleled experiences like a giraffe feeding at a local zoo, a photo shoot for your dog, or meetings with luminaries like Cristiano Ronaldo and Diane Von Furstenberg.

What’s the best experience gift you’ve ever received?

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