The Gender of Your Child Could Predict Divorce

Sophie Miura

Finding out a baby’s gender is a joyous time for parents, but research suggests the news could also determine the longevity of their relationship. According to The Economist, data from the past decade indicates that parents with a son are more likely to stay together than those with a daughter.

Gordon Dahl at the University of California, San Diego and Enrico Moretti at the University of California, Berkeley discovered the worrying trend while analyzing census data. In their findings, they also revealed that men are more likely to propose to their pregnant partners if they’re carrying a son and that, in the event of divorce, men with sons are more likely to get custody.

So what gives? Laura Guiliano, an economist from the University of Miami, discovered sons have a profound impact on their fathers. In her research, men were more likely to share their excitement about having a child if it was a boy, and they also helped out more around the home. Additionally, women were more likely to praise their husbands and reported feeling happier about their relationship.

Essentially, having a son could impact your relationship, but only if you let it. Taking simple measures like sharing the workload, making sure both parents are involved in raising the child, and praising your partner could prevent your relationship from becoming part of this statistic.

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