Concerning News About Your Diet Soda Habit

Sophie Miura

While its very name suggests drinking diet soda is a healthy choice, new Canadian research has found that indulging in the sweet drink during pregnancy could seriously affect your child. According to The New York Times, moms who regularly sip on artificially sweetened sodas are more likely to have an overweight baby.

Researchers asked 3003 mothers to complete questionnaires about their health habits during pregnancy, and then examined their babies a year after birth. The key finding? Moms who drank just one can of diet soda a day doubled their chance of having an overweight child. Researchers point out that there was no association with an infant's birth weight, suggesting the issue is postnatal.

"This is an association and not a causal link," says Meghan B. Azad, lead author and an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba. "But it certainly raises the question of whether artificial sweeteners are harmless."

She hopes the study won't cause fear, but rather encourage all people, not just moms, to question their diet. "It's not time to ban them or tell everyone not to consume them, but there's no great benefit to consuming these drinks, so there's no harm in avoiding them," she says.

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