This Is How You Style a Dining Room, According to Your Age

Sacha Strebe

It's the one place in the house where we celebrate the art of feasting, family, and friendship. The dining room is a sacred space often loaded with nostalgia and happy memories of Sunday roasts or holiday get-togethers. We come to the table for the meal, but we leave with more than a belly full of food; our hearts are bursting with love and sentiment too from the many laughs and compelling conversations.

How we use this treasured area of our homes varies over time depending on your stage of life. The dining room in your 20s will look very different from the one you design in your 40s, thanks to changes in your career, lifestyle, and budget. So for the second edition in our Style by the Decades series, we've outlined three chic essentials to consider for a stylish dining room at every decade. 

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