How to DIY a Bar Cart for Just $60!

How to DIY a Bar Cart for Just $60!

Beverly Hills-based entertaining expert Kelly Lee of Kelly Golightly teams up with DIY queen Kristen Turner of Miss Kris to transform a $30 changing table into a sophisticated bar cart for grown-up, glamorous entertaining.

Sure, you could use a baby-changing table for, well, a baby, but my cohort-in-chic Kristen Turner had something else in mind: booze! I don’t know about you, but I’ll drink to that. Here, she shares two incredibly easy steps to transform a $30 IKEA changing table into a stylish bar cart fit for fabulous fêtes. The best part: The entire project will cost you less than $60—really! Here’s how ...

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    • 1 changing table

    • 50 mirrored tiles (per shelf)

    • 2 bottles of high-gloss acrylic craft paint

    • 1 bottle of strong-hold glue

    • 1 paint brush

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    1. Paint wooden parts of table and allow to dry.

    2. Place and glue mirror tiles in rows on each shelf (second shelf optional).

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    Want a visual lesson for this DIY? Watch this video to learn how to make and style this bar cart.

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    5 Stylish Must-Haves for Your Bar Cart

    1. Beautiful bottles. Put out your most beautiful bottles and decanters to up the glam factor.

    2. Glamorous glassware. This is the place to showcase your best vintage or new glassware.

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    PHOTO: Jessica Castro

    3. An ice bucket. Nothing says party like a gorgeous ice bucket—plus, it will keep your drinks nice and cold.

    4. Playful accessories. Just like any good outfit, a cocktail needs accessories. Think: cheeky napkins, playful straws, and swizzle sticks.

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    5. Garnish. Place a bowl of lemons or limes for a jolt of color and a twist in your drink. While you can add a bouquet of fresh flowers to your bar cart, I love using fresh herbs, such as a bunch of mint or basil, which adds color and can be utilized in cocktails. Cheers!

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    For more fun styling ideas and tips from Kelly, head to Kelly Golightly.

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