These Slow-Cooker Recipes Make Weeknight Cooking a Cinch

Sophie Miura

By the end of the year, even the simplest tasks can start to feel like a chore. As holiday deadlines reach a fever pitch, daylight hours shorten, and the chaos of the season kicks in, once easy and even enjoyable parts of your routine, like preparing dinner, can seem like an energy drain.

If you return home from a long day at work and can't muster the strength to pour a glass of wine, let alone cook, it's time to invest in a slow cooker. This kitchen staple not only takes the effort out of creating a hearty, flavorful meal but also makes it virtually impossible to mess up. Simply add the ingredients to the cooker when you wake up, switch it on, and return to a fragrant house and a home-cooked meal. By the end of a weary day, you'll be thankful you did.

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