4 Simple and Sneaky Ways to Save More Money

Dana Covit

Raise your rent.

Well, don’t actually raise your rent, but pretend your rent went up. Regularly allocate a set amount on the same day that you pay your mortgage or rent to an account that is not your checking account. Voilà! Money in the bank.

Round up.

Check to see if your debit card has a round-up feature. If it does, sign up for it. Whatever purchases you make using it will round up to the nearest dollar, and the difference will go into a savings account. It may be $0.45 here and $0.20 there, but it’s something!

Stow those extra paychecks.

Do you get paid biweekly? If so, there’s a great way to save hiding in the calendar year. Two months of every year, you actually receive three paychecks. Despite this nice treat, set up your budgeting to rely on two per month instead, and put the additional ones right into your savings.

Go plastic.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Having—and not abusing—credit cards is an important element in establishing strong financial footing. Use responsibly, and opt for a cash-back card. Allocate those discounts to your savings account.

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Do you use any of these tactics to save? How do you save money? Tell us below!

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