The Super-Easy and Surprising Way to Get Smarter

Katie Sweeney

From playing video games to hanging out with intelligent people, there are all sorts of ways to become smarter. However, Inc. is reporting on a surprisingly simple everyday thing that can make you smarter. “According to Gretchen Reynolds, author of The First 20 Minutes, a book about the science of exercise, recent research shows that exercise can help your brain resist physical shrinkage and improve cognitive flexibility.” It turns out that exercise does more to increase thinking than actual thinking does!

Regular exercise, the article shows, can slow and in some cases reverse the physical decay of the brain. In many ways, the brain is like a giant muscle; exercise builds muscle, so it’s only natural that working out would make new brain cells more effective. While most of the studies have focused on how aerobic activities—like running or swimming—positively affect the brain, a simple pursuit like walking can be beneficial. Moral of the story: Exercise is more important than you think. Not only does it keep your body healthy and in shape, but it keeps your mind and thought processes on point, too.

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What do you think of the research? Does exercise make you feel smarter?

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