Fear of Being Without a Phone Is Actually a Real Thing

Katie Sweeney

Do you panic when your phone’s battery is about to die and you have no way of charging it? If you accidentally left your phone at home, will you immediately turn around and get it because you can’t spend a day without it? According to Scientific American, you might have a condition that’s being referred to as nomophobia. Nomophobia stands for no-mobile-phone phobia and is categorized by feelings of anxiety or distress that some people experience when not having their phone.” It’s also affected by “the degree to which we depend on phones to complete basic tasks and to fulfill important needs such as learning, safety, and staying connected to information and to others.”

Our dependence on smartphones is very real, since we rely on them to navigate and organize our lives in the same way that we would a relationship partner. For example, if your boyfriend knows everything about football, you'll be less inclined to remember football facts since you can always ask him about the topic and get a reputable answer. Our phones know everything about everything, so we use them like a partner and are constantly turning to them for information. The article is quick to point out that nomophobia is not a clinical condition but a social phenomenon more and more people are starting to research.

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Do you feel like you're addicted to your phone?

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