5 Foods That Are Safe to Eat After Their Expiry Date

Sophie Miura

Courtesy of Mrs Meyers

Few things are more frustrating than going to cook a meal, only to discover some of the ingredients have passed their expiry date. Do you toss the items and order takeout, or take a risk and eat them anyway? In light of all the summer parties you will be hosting soon, we thought now was the best time to take a refresher on which products are fine to eat after their "use by" date from Cleveland Clinic's reportKeep this list handy next time you're unsure whether to eat or toss food. 

  1. Milk should be safe for roughly two to three days after the use by date. Keep it in the back of the fridge, which is typically the coldest place. 
  2. Eggs are fine to cook for three to five weeks after purchase. Avoid storing the carton in the fridge door, as that's likely the warmest area.
  3. Dry pasta can be eaten one to two years after purchase, regardless of the use by date. 
  4. Butter keeps for two to three weeks. 
  5. Processed meat lasts longer than raw varieties. It's typically safe for two to the weeks if unopened.

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