9 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Grill

9 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Grill

Burgers, hot dogs, and steaks get all the attention during barbecue season, but they’re not the only foods you can grill. A few minutes on the fire will make everything from cheese to fruit smoky, sweet, and delicious. Read on for the full list.

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    Topped with honey and figs—or preserves or another fruit of choice—a grilled wheel of cheese, such as brie, becomes a decadent snack.

    RECIPE: Grilled Soft Cheese, Thyme Honey, and Fresh Figs

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    Grilled until charred and smoky, fresh heads of romaine split down the middle and topped with blue cheese and bacon make an irresistibly satisfying salad.

    RECIPE: Grilled Romaine Salad With Blue Cheese and Bacon

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    Sweet Potatoes

    Root vegetables are often roasted, but did you know you can grill them too? Grilling sweet potatoes adds a slightly smoky flavor and brings out their natural sweetness. Dip them in curry ketchup for a yummy side dish.

    RECIPE: Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges With Curry Ketchup

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    Green Beans

    You might think green beans are too narrow to grill—they are, unless you carefully arrange them perpendicularly across the grate. But you don’t have to be so careful if you use a grill basket or grill pan, which lets you cook side dishes that would otherwise burn or fall through the grill grates. Toss green beans in olive oil and garlic, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, throw them in a basket, and you’ll end up with a deliciously charred side dish.

    RECIPE: Grilled Fresh Green Beans

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    Drizzled in olive oil and seasoned with kosher salt and pepper, grilled avocados soften while they cook, slightly charring in spots. They make a satisfyingly warm side for grilled meats—or even just a quick snack.

    RECIPE: Grilled Avocado, Scallion, and Red Onion

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    Throwing thyme sprigs over the fire will help bring out the herb’s floral qualities. If you’re already cooking, toss your herbs on the grill and add them to your meal—or better yet, make a cocktail with them.

    RECIPE: Limoncello Gin Cocktail With Grilled Thyme

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    Grilled cake? Yes, you heard that right. A high-density cake or even a lighter, airy cake like angel food cake becomes toasty, crunchy, and caramelized when you brush it with sweetened butter and grill it. Top it with berries and mascarpone for a decadent dessert in 10 minutes flat.

    RECIPE: Grilled Pound Cake With Sweetened Mascarpone and Berries

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    Want to recreate the crunchy dough bubbles you get from a wood-fired pizza oven? Thankfully, you don't need a pricey restaurant-quality oven; you can actually cook your pizza dough directly on your grill grates. The grill's high temperatures will produce the same effect—if you have a pizza stone, even better!

    RECIPE: Grilled Pizza Margherita

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    Stone Fruit

    A few minutes on the grill will caramelize any fruit’s natural sugars, and stone fruits like peaches, mangos, and apricots are great candidates because of their size and stabilizing pits. Bananas and pineapples are also sturdy options. Pair them with ice cream as a dessert or chop them up and toss them in a salad.

    RECIPE: Grilled Peaches With Ice Cream

    What other unusual foods do you grill at home? Tell us in the comments!

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