5 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches That Are Perfect for Summer

Grilled cheese sandwiches are the mouthwatering stuff of dreams. This craving-worthy comfort food is a versatile quick fix for lunch and dinner—or even breakfast, if you prefer decadent mornings. While the classic cheddar-and-bread combination is a reliable go-to, there is an untapped well of fixings that can turn the simple grilled cheese sandwich into a gourmet treat.

Luckily for us experimental folk, summer yields a bounty of fruit that can be played up or down when paired with different cheeses. Mozzarella or fresh goat cheeses can benefit from the tartness and acidity of aromatic just-ripe plums or yellow peaches. Funkier varieties like Stilton or aged Gouda are delicious with sweet grapes or crunchy apples. Get creative and dress the sandwich in additional herbs, condiments, and other fun pantry items. Then watch lustfully as everything melts between two slices of perfectly pan-grilled bread. Here are a few magical, fruity grilled cheese pairings that you’re going to love this summer.

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