6 Scientific Hacks to Keep You Focused at Work

Julia Millay Walsh

There are countless reasons we become distracted during the course of a day—loud noises, social media, temperature, you name it—and it doesn’t take much to steal our attention from a task at hand. Of course, eliminating distractions is one way to help us stay focused on our work (though easier said than done), but what scientifically supported strategies can we execute to help our brains stay focused?

After some heavy reading, we unearthed six psychology- and neuroscience-approved hacks that will improve your concentration at work. Not sure how you can resist looking at your Facebook notifications? Are those email alerts keeping you from working on the task at hand? It is possible. Ahead, discover a few key steps to becoming a deadline ninja—and props to you if you finish reading this article.

What tactics—scientific or otherwise—do you use to stay focused? Share them with us below.

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