10 Tips for Creating the Ultimate At-Home Office

10 Tips for Creating the Ultimate At-Home Office

Nowadays, home offices aren’t just used for paying bills and preparing taxes. They’re fully functioning workplaces of major innovation, and if you’re lucky enough to work from home, they’re where you spend most of your day. That’s why a stylish, comfortable workspace is so crucial—and can even boost your productivity. Read on for our tips that’ll help transform your home office from boring and uninspired to creative and revived in no time. 

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    1. Go Green

    Not only do plants and flowers add color, energy, and life to a room, but they’re proven to help increase productivity and reduce stress. A win-win, right? Translate these benefits into your own workspace by incorporating a flowering plant or something low-maintenance, like an orchid or cactus.

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    Terrain Spanish Lavender Plant ($58)

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    2. Opt for a Flexible Furniture Plan

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    Bored of staring at the wall? Let go of common furniture arrangements and design your home office around your desk placement. Though it might seem sensible to place your desk against the wall or facing the door, if your work will benefit from an unconventional arrangement, have at it.

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    Ballard Designs Louis XVI Slide Chair (from $399)

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    3. Use Decorative Lighting

    To make your home office a place of creative productivity, include cozy, homey elements. Decorative table or desk lamps are functional pieces, but also pleasing to look at in between emails.

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    Jayson Home Haley Lamp ($250)

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    4. Include Personal Mementos

    Framed family photos, souvenirs from memorable trips, or accessories that have positive associations will help your office feel like a welcoming space—instead of making you feel trapped at home.

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    5. Go Wireless

    Avoid a cluttered, tangled mess by using wireless technology as much as possible in your home office. A wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer will not only offer flexibility with your furniture arrangement, but are far more visually pleasing. 

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    6. Stay Warm

    Fend off any seasonal chills by keeping a warm, decorative throw within reach. It will add a soft, textural element to the room and help you maintain productivity despite the dip in temperature. 

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    Canvas Home Alpaca Throw ($290)

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    7. Hang Inspiring Artwork

    Dress up your office walls with paintings, photos, and wall sculptures that speak to you and help keep you inspired. Whether it’s a gallery-style arrangement of several pieces or one statement item, incorporating art into your décor keeps you motivated and personalizes your space.

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    Lost Art Salon Framed Abstract by Gary L. Shaffer ($685)

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    8. Get Organized

    Nothing kills productivity like not being able to find what you need, when you need it. It may be easier to let your desk become chaotic when you don’t have coworkers to keep you in check, but by corralling office supplies into easy-to-reach baskets or using a cabinet or armoire to house files and papers, you’ll be better able to maintain an orderly environment. 

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    9. Allow for Natural Light

    An abundance of natural light is both energizing and refreshing, two things to strive for when you need to have a productive day. If your home office isn’t flooded with light, make the most of the exposure you do have by using sheer drapery instead of heavy curtains or blinds. Sheers will offer visual privacy while maintaining the flow of light.

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    Pottery Barn Voile Sheer Drape (from $29)

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    10. Whistle While You Work

    PHOTO: Patrick Cline for Lonny

    If you prefer to have a little background noise as opposed to working in silence, incorporate a wireless speaker into your home office to play calming, soothing music while you work.

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    Target Jawbone Big Jambox ($300)

    Do you have any tips for creating a productive home office? Share with us in the comments!

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