6 Red Flags to Look for When Booking a Hotel

by MyDomaine

There are many moving parts to planning the perfect vacation. From settling on which destination to check off our summer travel bucket lists to diligently researching affordable airfare, travel often requires an expert eye. Once you’ve settled on a locale and booked your flight, all that’s left is choosing an idyllic place to rest your head at night. Whether you’re booking an insane Airbnb rental or snagging a room directly from a hotel landing page, there are a few red flags to keep in mind before clicking that “reserve” button.

We’ve narrowed down our watch list to the six most common pitfalls to avoid when booking your accommodations. These easy-to-spot fixes promise to have you well on your way to your dream retreat. You know we’re all about curating the proper habitat. When you’re on the road, the proper home away from home makes any journey that much sweeter. Here’s everything you need to book confidently.

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