The Everyday Home Item to Throw Away ASAP

Kelsey Clark

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to our Take 5 column, where we invite you to take a hump-day break with the week’s most revitalizing lifestyle stories. Ready for a breather?


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Take 1: If your end-of-winter clutter is driving you mad…

Good news: You can do your mind a solid and toss this common home item right this second. Our friends over at Apartment Therapy have the lowdown on why, and how to extend the life of this transient item in the future.

Take 2: If you just broke up with your significant other…

You need to download the Break-Up Boss app stat. Created by Aussie personality Zoë Foster Blake, the app is preloaded with breakup playlists and pep talks. Vogue Australia called it "the cutest, most tech-savvy way to heal a broken heart."

Take 3: If you've always dreamed of a color-coded bookshelf…

Thanks to Booth & Williams, you can actually buy a stack of books according to color, subject, and/or style for purely decorative purposes. Sample selections include "vintage children's books for a chic nursery" and "pastel books about gardening for a sun room."

Take 4: If you've followed Whitney Port since The City

The fashion designer has officially broken into the home and entertaining space with a new Cheeky for Target tableware collection. Her adorable line of paper plates, cups, and napkins will hit Target's shelves on March 26, 2017.

Take 5: If Chrissy Teigen's postpartum news hit close to home…

Scientists are now testing a three-supplement "nutrition kit" designed to treat post-delivery sadness. The combination of tryptophan, tyrosine, and blueberry extract could potentially serve as a "safe, holistic way" to treat this common mental health issue.

Your afternoon pick-me-up:

Medicinal mushroom nutrition bars are now a thing, thanks to natural health food company Purely Elizabeth. Made with superfood mushroom powders, these granola bars will give you the spark of energy, concentration, or immunity you're looking for.

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