It's Official: You Need to Toss These 20 Kitchen Items in 2017

Kelsey Clark

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to our Take 5 column, where we invite you to take a hump-day break with the week’s most revitalizing lifestyle stories. Ready for a breather?


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Take 1: If your kitchen is in desperate need of a cleanse

Look no further than PopSugar’s guide to kitchen de-cluttering for 2017. From excess Tupperware containers to warped wooden spoons, these 20 items have no place in an organized kitchen.

Take 2: If your wallet can't keep up with your 2017 wanderlust

This $213 cross-country train ride is just the ticket. Stopping in over 25 of America’s most beautiful cities, including Chicago, Denver, and San Fransisco, you can complete your 2017 bucket list without breaking the bank.

Take 3: If your iPhone is ALWAYS at 20% battery

Consider deleting the Facebook app. Research from Solution Owl found that the popular app, with background app refresh and location services enabled, is the number one battery hog on iPhones. 

Take 4: If you love soup season but don't have time to cook

Soup delivery service Daily Harvest was made for you. The startup delivers chef-prepared, nutritionist-approved soup and smoothie ingredients straight to your door. Stock your freezer today.

Take 5: If your fitness resolutions and your lazy lifestyle don't mix

PureWow is giving you the best of both worlds: Workouts tailor-made for lazy people. Spoiler: Netflix and shopping are involved. Just because they’re resolutions doesn’t mean they can’t be realistic!

Your afternoon pick-me-up:

Curious about meal replacement drink Soylent? Now’s the time to give it a try. The company just released two new flavors yesterday, cacao and nectar, in addition to their coffee drink and protein bar offerings.

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