The 7 Most Insanely Awesome Ways to Get Healthy WITHOUT Working Out

Jillian Knox Finley

The Now 

We will never tell you to skip the gym. Regular exercise is a touchstone to any healthy lifestyle. (That said, last week science did surprisingly suggest to us that people who hate working out are more intelligent… ) We know how smart you are, so we figured why not offer up a few non-workout suggestions from our arsenal of vetted personal faves. We've compiled a list of treatments and at-home routines that will take your mental and physical health to the next level—without a gym membership. Whether you're looking to effectively detox, jumpstart your weight loss, or simply get a better night's sleep, these easy and utterly relaxing rituals offer an endless number of benefits.

Even if you're an avid workout buff, adding one or all of these practices in conjunction with your exercise routine can take your mental and physical fitness to the next level. The real selling point, however, is they're all 100% doable lying down. They're sort of the Amazon Prime one-click purchase level of convenience for your body. Yeah, they exist. Keep scrolling for our list of healing modalities that are almost too easy to be true.

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