How to Make Your Mother’s Day Flowers Last Longer

Sophie Miura

May is late tulip season, a time when the prolific blooms overflow in buckets on street corners and thousands of moms are gifted with bouquets for Mother's Day. While there's nothing quite like a fresh bunch to liven your home, tulips are notoriously temperamental. Real Simple spoke to Callie Bladow, production director at BloomThat, to find out how to make your buds last longer. Here are her top tips to ensure your bouquet sees out the week.

  1. Choose a tall, spacious vase. "Tulips love to stretch out and will typically grow upwards of two inches in height during their vase life—so it's best to let them stretch out in the vase and don't clump them on top of each other, which will reduce petal loss," says Bladow. She recommends choosing a vase that covers at least half the height of the tulip stems to avoid the heavy flower heads from drooping. 
  2. Display them away from sunlight. Avoid placing the bouquet on a windowsill or in direct light. Bladow explains that tulips are photosensitive, meaning they grow and open in the presence of sunlight. Opt for a shaded area to prolong their life span.
  3. Avoid adding other flowers to the bouquet. "Some common flowers that affect the tulip life cycle are daffodils or narcissus—they emit a substance that will make tulips wilt faster," she says. If you want to mix bunches, the best pairing options are roses and hydrangea.

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