IKEA’s Latest Product Isn’t What You’d Expect

Sophie Miura

Courtesy of Coco Lapine Design

IKEA is no stranger to product innovation—in the last month they've announced a hydroponic gardening system and virtual reality app—but its latest release has raised the bar again. According to AOL, the Swedish brand has created a modern, unisex bicycle called Sladda, which is capturing the attention of the design world. 

True to the brand's Scandinavian design roots, the bike is user-friendly, minimalist, and low-maintenance. Designed to fit an urban lifestyle, Sladda has been created for non–bike riders with a light, easy-to-lift aluminium frame. Free of gimmicks or fancy gears, the sleek product can be used by anyone over age 12. 


Courtesy of IKEA

The design is compatible with "click system" accessories, which allows users to connect interchangeable products like a basket or cart with ease. "Sladda is like tablet apps: you can add endless accessories to enhance ease of use," says designer Oskar Juhlin. 


Courtesy of IKEA

As for the feature that has everyone talking? IKEA has replaced the classic rust-prone bike chain with a corrosion-resistant cogged drive belt that lasts for roughly 1000 miles of use.  

Sladda will cost just under $800, and it will be rolled out in European IKEA stores in August before launching in the USA. 

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