The Most Genius IKEA Hacks For Your Kitchen

Custom kitchen décor can sometimes come from the most unlikely source.

With Ikea's friendly price tags, it's hard to not make the store a go-to source for all things home décor?. But, go there enough, and your home will have ubiquitous, seen-that style. With a little bit of ingenuity though, Ikea's products will feel completely custom. We've trolled the internet for the best of the best when it comes to hacking the big-box store's designs in the name of a beautiful kitchen; here are the results.
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-1 THE PROJECT: White-Washed Pantry Drawers THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Moppe Drawers ($25), white wash paint, drawer labels. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner THE TRICKY PART: White-washing the Ikea drawers. FURTHER READING: Design Sponge
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-3 THE PROJECT: Marble Kitchen Island THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Bekvam Kitchen cart ($60), gray paint, furniture wax topcoat, brass towel holders, electrical conduit bar, carrara marble top. SKILL LEVEL: Advanced THE TRICKY PART: Adding the marble top. FURTHER READING: Oliver and Rust
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-2 THE PROJECT: Glossy White Cabinets THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Besta ($50-$95), glass, double-sided tape, oak countertop, pendant lights. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Making the light fixtures. FURTHER READING: Ikea Hackers
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-5 THE PROJECT: Custom Kitchen Island THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Billy Bookcase ($60-$25), Ikea Numerar butcher block countertop ($169), beadboard, moldings, corbels. SKILL LEVEL: Advanced. THE TRICKY PART: Attaching the beadboard to the backside. FURTHER READING: Golden Boys and Me
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-6 THE PROJECT: Dining Room Buffet THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Tarva Chest ($150), Ikea Lansa Handles ($26), sand paper, wood filler, milk paint, satin finish top coat. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner THE TRICKY PART: Filling in the drawer knob holes. FURTHER READING: All Things G&D
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-7 THE PROJECT: Stainless Steel Wine Rack THE ESSENTIALS: Grundtal towel rail ($15). SKILL LEVEL: Beginner THE TRICKY PART: Attaching the rack to the wall. FURTHER READING: Ikea Hackers
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-4 THE PROJECT: Faux Marble Table THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Docksta table ($200), primer, black paint, white paint, colbalt paint, assorted brushes, sea sponge, latex glaze. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Painting the marble veins. FURTHER READING: Gorgeous Shiny Things
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-8 THE PROJECT: Floating Kitchen Shelves THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Grundtal series ($10-$27), stainless tension rod, stainless steel pipe, chrome T-pipe connector, stainless hose clamp, resin bush, stainless wire rope, stainless saddle band. SKILL LEVEL: Advanced THE TRICKY PART: Securing the T pipe connector. FURTHER READING: Life Design Edit
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-9 THE PROJECT: Indoor Herb Garden THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Vurm wine rack ($10), pint glasses, chalkboard paint, latex paint, rocks, plants. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner THE TRICKY PART: Painting the bottom of the pint glasses. FURTHER READING: Curbly
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-10 THE PROJECT: Rolling Kitchen Island THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit, Ikea Numerar butcher block countertop ($169), L-brackets, corner brackets, screws, castors, baskets. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Building the Expedit. FURTHER READING: Sketchy Styles
ikea-kitchen-hacks-thumb-11 THE PROJECT: Hairpin Leg Table THE ESSENTIALS: Ikea Jokkmokk table ($150), sander, wood stain, hairpin legs. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Removing the table legs and trim.  FURTHER READING: Acute Designs
Have you tried any Ikea hacks at home? Tell us about your greatest successes (or failures) in the comments. Photographs: Design Sponge, Oliver and Rust, Ikea Hackers, Style Me Pretty Living, All Things G&D, Ikea Hackers, Gorgeous Shiny Things, Life Design Edit, Curbly,  Sketchy Styles, Acute Designs
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