Jenna Lyons Knows How You Can Impress Your Boss

Sophie Miura

If you're looking to get ahead in your career there's one person you need to impress: your boss. While forging a strong relationship with the person you report to can be a daunting prospect, Jenna Lyons, president and executive creative director of J.Crew Group, has revealed one key insight about how to make a lasting impression. The fashion It girl and formidable businesswoman tells Motto that employees who speak their mind and make their opinion known stand out above the rest. 

"Don’t be afraid to speak up. I find it impossible to understand where a person stands if they don’t join the conversation," says Lyons. "Opinions aren’t reserved for those in the corner office. Find your voice, and make sure to balance your input; you should be contributing roughly equal parts complimentary support of others with thoughtful, constructive criticism."

Not sure when to pipe up? Lyons says the most crucial time is during a brainstorm or creative meeting. "Never be afraid to pitch an idea; we all have good ones, and we all have bad ones," she says. 

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