This Interview Trick Could Score You the Job

Sophie Miura

You're nearing the end of a job interview and feel like you've aced all the questions. That is, until the hiring manager throws this curveball: Do you have any questions? It might seem innocent enough, but this common query is a vital opportunity to show your potential employer that you're a critical thinker. Thankfully, Forbes reveals there's one simple way to master a response: Rephrase the questions you've been asked in the interview. It will tap into topics that are important to the interviewer and show you've listened. Ask these questions to end an interview with confidence. 

1. Where Do You See the Organization in the Next Five Years?

If you were asked: Why do you want to work for this organization?

Why: Find out what has influenced the hiring manager to stay at the company and whether there is a clear vision for the future. If the hiring manager struggles to answer, that's a red flag. 

2. How Do You Envision a Typical Day in This Role?

If you were asked: Can you talk me through your typical work day?

Why: Use this opportunity to gain insight about the daily tasks involved in this role. If the interviewer reverts to the job description, it could be a sign that the position requires more structure. 

3. Do You Have Any Hesitations About My Qualifications?

If you were asked: Why should I hire you?

Why: This question is way of finding out if there's something holding you back from getting the job. Yes, it's a bold move, but it shows you aren't afraid to ask tough questions, and it will give you a chance to address any issues before the manager makes a decision. 

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