The Affordable New Seating That Will Save Your Small Space

Interior designer and small-space expert Kyle Schuneman unveils a chic wallet-friendly seating collection perfect for petite pads.

As evidenced by our recent tour of his West Hollywood apartment, and his book The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces, interior designer, art director and stylist Kyle Schuneman knows how to make a small space sing. So who better to design a line of furniture for space-challenged homes?

Today Schuneman unveils the Summer 2014 collection of his affordable upholstery line for d├ęcor retailer Apt2B, and we have an exclusive first look. Never one to sacrifice style for design limitations, Kyle says, "I wanted these new frames to feel more grown-up and penthouse-worthy." With details like tufting, stainless-steel bases, and rolled backs, the line includes four new apartment-sized sofas with coordinating chairs in pastels and neutrals that suit a range of aesthetics -- from ladylike European-inspired to masculine midcentury modern. With prices ranging from at $598 for an armchair to $2588 for a two-piece sectional, the collection hits the sweet spot: more elevated than your average big-box-store piece, but not an inhibiting investment. We caught up with Schuneman to hear how these chic modern pieces came to be -- read on below.


Domaine Home: What was the inspiration behind these new sofa designs? Kyle Schuneman: I wanted these new pieces to have really beautiful details while still staying true to my clean aesthetic. I was inspired by this idea of the epitome of downtown life. By juxtaposing these quirky modern silhouettes in a bold colors against an industrial life, it makes a room come to life and start to have a conversation in the space. DH: How did you decide on the color scheme? KS: Pastels are big right now so I wanted to add really beautiful colors that reflect what people are seeing on the runway, but bring happiness into a space even when it turns to winter again. I also wanted some really strong modern neutrals but that still take a stand and don't feel like the stock "tan." DH: What details did you add to make them feel more grown-up? KS: The Pacific has really beautiful tufting on the seat, back, and sides with tight stitching and detailed work around the arms. It's refined and timeless. The Fillmore has a full stainless base with really handsome fabrics and feels very high end. These details and curated fabrics are pieces that will last through any trend and can hold up to a beautiful high end space. _2
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.07.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.07.02 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.06.56 PM
The Coronado Sofa, $898, Apt2B The Fillmore, $2588, Apt2B The Pacific Sofa, $988, Apt2B
jackson_chair_amethyst_v2_1 pacific_chair_mint_1 fillmore_chair_sand
The Jackson Chair, $698, Apt2B The Pacific Chair, $598, Apt2B The Fillmore Chair, $998, Apt2B
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