Here's Where to Vacation This Labor Day, According to the Chicest Jet-Setters

Gabrielle Savoie

We'd be lying if we said we didn't scour our favorite bloggers' Instagrams to plot our next getaway once in a while. From the beaches of Tulum to the top of Shanghai towers, these jet-setting freelancers have both the leisure and the discerning eye to fly the globe in search of the best and greatest, rendering them much more useful than any pre-owned Lonely Planet guide or a few anonymous reviews on a major travel site. Better yet, they've crafted their iPhone photography skills to painstaking perfection—ensuring a great dose of wanderlust with each scroll.

So when we were in search of the perfect Labor Day weekend destination, we decided to go right to the source and poll the bloggers who make us want to book a flight each time we fire up our Insta feed. From the adventure-seekers to the young parents or the singles on the go, there are just enough recommendations to please just about anyone. There's just one consensus as far as Labor Day is concerned: It's time to hit the beach one last time.

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