Trend Test: Transform Your Living Room With 5 Key Pieces

Sophie Miura

As editors, we’re constantly on the lookout for fabulous trends and inspiring interiors, but amid all the stunning images, it’s easy to wonder, How can I make this work in my home? Sometimes just a few key pieces can make a room look brand-new. To make it easy, we’ve translated four top trends and handpicked key pieces that’ll instantly update your space. Bonus: Each item is under $200 and can be easily moved or swapped out as your décor taste changes. Ready to give your living room a fresh new-season look? Let’s go shopping.


Courtesy of Greg Natale

Pairing patterned accents takes skill—too many items and a room can look chaotic; too few and they can seem out of place. Designer Jeff Andrews mastered the trend in this small apartment in Melbourne. “Against the black-and-white palette, washes of gray and the occasional punch of vivid blue ensure the effect is bold and cohesive without appearing crowded,” he says.

Incorporate this trend in your living room by focusing on high-impact pieces. A striped ottoman and artwork give instant impact while removable wallpaper offers a quick way to give your walls a new look.


Julia Brenner

Thanks to interior designers like Emily Henderson and Amber Lewis, we’ve seen the bohemian trend reimagined in a number of imaginative ways. Next up: luxe bohemian. This stylish twist on global-inspired décor is refined and fashion-forward. Think textured cowhide rugs and Moroccan throw pillows paired with luxurious brass accents like candleholders.

Test out this trend in your living room with five key accents. An affordable statement rug works well layered over existing flooring while brass pieces add a high-fashion finish. 


Line Klein for Alt Interiør; Styling: Nicola Kragh Riis

There’s something effortlessly cool about eclectic interiors. With a complete disregard for singular trends, they pair textures, colors, and styles to instantly convey personality. Part Nordic, part midcentury modern, this living room creates a unified voice with pop culture posters and quirky accents.

Want to try it in your own home? Introduce personality to your space with a stack of coffee-table books and create a gallery wall of bold art and posters.

Ranking as one of the top home décor trends on Instagram, Scandinavian style continues to be a source of inspiration. While whitewashed floorboards and an open fireplace are hallmarks of the pared-back aesthetic, there’s an easy, commitment-free way to give your living room a Nordic face-lift: Go gray. The Swedes love a muted color palette, so a few carefully chosen accents in various shades of gray can quickly give your home a subtle trend injection.

Care to try it out? Opt for an architectural floor lamp and cushions in matte fabric like linen or felt. Remove any bright colors from the space, and finish the look with a set of concrete indoor planters.

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