Inside Meryl Streep's Former 5-Story Townhouse in NYC

Kelsey Clark

Academy Award–winning actress Meryl Streep is widely regarding as the "best actress of her generation," boasting 19 Academy Award nominations, 29 Golden Globe nominations, five Grammy nominations, and more. It goes without saying that Streep has lived in some seriously impressive five-star homes, bouncing from California to New York's Tribeca neighborhood and back again. Recently, her former Greenwich Village apartment came back on the real estate market and is listed with Corcoran for a casual $28.5 million. Although Streep moved out of the five-story townhouse back in 2014, it's re-listing reminds us of just how extravagant Meryl Streep must live. The massive 6585-square-foot home is unheard of by New York standards, boasting 15 bedrooms and an entire floor dedicated to an outdoor garden. The residence at 19 West 12th Street was built in 1845, encapsulating the late Greek Revival style popular during that time period. 

Step inside Streep's former residence below, and share your thoughts on the actress's former home in the comments.

Opening Image: Venturelli/Getty Images

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