People Are Losing It Over This $43 Chair on Amazon

Sophie Miura

Deciding which furniture to splurge or save on is an ongoing discussion at MyDomaine HQ, and one such area of the home we've been deliberating over lately is the dining room. Namely, is it better to splash out on a quality dining table and save on chairs, or spend big on statement chairs that make a basic table look luxe?

Well, the 3000+ decorating fans in a closed decorating-focused Facebook group have just found the answer. The group, which brings together people who are passionate about décor and want to share decorating tips, DIY ideas, and great products, went into a frenzy when one user shared velvet upholstered dining chairs on Amazon—for $43 each.

The midcentury-modern chairs feature velvet upholstering, steel legs, and are available in dusty rose, moss green, gray-green, and teal, to name a few. They're sold in a set of two, starting at $85.

We hear you: How do you know if chairs sold on Amazon look and feel as luxe in real life. Members of the Facebook group purchased the chairs and posted images of the items IRL, confirming that they live up to the hype. Yes, if the long chain of comments, likes, and photos are any indication, this might be one of Amazon's best-kept secrets.

Opening Image: ASH-NYC

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