These 18 Questions Could Predict If You'll Become a Millionaire

Sophie Miura

Ever wondered what your financial future holds? Author Jaime Masters was 24 years old and $70,000 in debt when she became interested in the habits of millionaires. To discover their secrets, Masters interviewed people who had achieved financial success and resolved to find out what set them apart. What she found was intriguing: Every millionaire shared very distinct qualities. Within 16 months of studying millionaire behavior and trying to adopt their qualities, Masters had paid off her debt. She created a list of 18 questions to test whether others shared these winning qualities. According to Business Insider, she believes that people who answer yes to more than half of the questions are more likely to succeed. Answer these 18 questions to find out what your financial future holds. 

  1. Do you consistently think of ideas to earn more money?
  2. Do you usually care about value and spend less than you earn?
  3. Do you already feel successful in many things, but aren't sure you can do something on your own?
  4. Do you know you are destined for great things, but feel like things aren't moving fast enough?
  5. Have you always wanted to be in control of your own time and experiences, but right now feel like you are just trying to get by?
  6. Have you tried business ideas that didn't work out before, but still have the passion to try new ones?
  7. Does the idea of working for someone else the rest of your life scare you?
  8. Does having a boss feel constricting, and you don't want someone telling you what to do?
  9. Do you have the idea of waiting until retirement to enjoy your life and the world?
  10. Do you believe that success and wealth are in your power, but you don't want to rely on others?
  11. Do you want to travel more but don't have enough vacation days?
  12. Are you able to daydream about what you want to be when you grow up, no matter how old you are?
  13. Do you only sleep four to five hours per night because you are too excited about your new ideas or business?
  14. Do you read success stories and think, "What made them so successful? How come I haven't made it yet?"
  15. Do you want to do work that matters, not just something that pays well?
  16. Do you want to become a better person through personal growth?
  17. Do you want to leave a legacy?
  18. Do you want to give more, but feel unable right now?

Read more about Jaime Masters's wealth questionnaire at Business Insider

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