This Winter, Don’t Mistake Hunger for Being Cold

Katie Sweeney

With winter kicking into full swing, it’s a good time to examine your eating habits. Do you really want a gooey grilled cheese for snack because you’re hungry? Or are you simply cold? Elite Daily has reminded me that sometimes, during the colder months, hunger can be mistake for being cold. Nutritional health coach Michelle Cady points out that hundreds of years ago, when humans lived in sync with nature, people packed on a few pounds to get ready for the winter. That’s where the term “winter’s coat” comes from. “Digestion of food actually heats up our bodies and warms us up in the process,” explains Cady.

So when you’re sitting in your apartment and freezing, you may think you’re hungry, but you’re actually just cold. Instead of making a mug of hot chocolate, Cady recommends that you warm yourself up, then access your hunger level. Take a warm shower or bath, turn on a space heater, or head to a hot yoga class. If you’re still hungry, be smart about the foods you decide to eat. You may not want a salad because it’s a cold dish, but what about roasted vegetables? Drink hot tea, eat a bowl of healthy grain and veggie soup or protein-packed flavorful chili.

To learn more about the health benefits of winter soups, read Nourishing Broth.

How do you warm up in winter?



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