PSA: Montreal Is Just 6 Hours North of New York (And It's Pretty Great)

Gabrielle Savoie

Cross the border from New York State into Canada, and you’ll find yourself in Montréal, a cosmopolitan city with a European flair and an edgy Brooklyn attitude. Get served in French at restaurants, walk the historic cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, and you might just feel like you’ve landed in Paris, without ever crossing the pond.

Montréal has long been known for its centuries-old buildings and Francophone roots, but these days it’s the local foodie culture that’s making waves on the culinary scene. Weekly restaurant openings are par for the course to Montréalers, and craft cocktail bars are popping up on every corner. If this doesn’t convince you, the favorable exchange rate and the short six-hour drive from New York City just might. If you helped crash the Canadian immigration website like many other Americans last night, plan your trip to Montreal today.

Do you have any favorite spots in Montréal? Share with us below. 

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