3 Things Productive People Do in the Morning

Sophie Miura

As daylight saving time begins, it's likely you've woken up feeling weary and worn out as your body adjusts to the new schedule. Don't let the morning get the better of you! The team at Inc. has rounded up the best ways to boost your A.M. productivity. Follow these three steps to become a productive morning person.

Maintain a Routine

Despite the time shift, it's important to keep your morning routine consistent. Letting yourself snooze the alarm because you've lost an hour of sleep will only further confuse your body. If you usually walk the dog or visit the gym before work, aim to maintain those habits. Research shows that people with consistent daily habits such as a lunchtime jog or eight-hour sleep routine are more productive at work. 

Follow the 2-Minute Rule

The two-minute rule has two different applications. Firstly, aim to do anything that requires less than two minutes of your time immediately. Secondly, if you've been avoiding a difficult project, give yourself two minutes to tackle the project and treat it like a small task. The idea is that changing the way you think about difficult jobs will lead you to simplify the process. Once you start, you'll likely want to keep working on it after two minutes pass. 

Turn Off Notifications

Productive people are able to compartmentalize tasks and channel their attention on the most important job of the day. Social media is an easy diversion that could derail your morning productivity. Fight the temptation to chat to friends or check your Instagram feed by switching off your notifications in the morning. You might be surprised how much of a difference it will make. 

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