People With These Traits Are More Attractive

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When it comes to finding a perfect match, everyone has different taste, but according to a huge new study by OKCupid, it turns out some traits could be universally attractive. The online dating giant released a torrent of new data to People, who were able to pinpoint the top six characteristics men and women consider beautiful.

Keen to know how you score against their findings? According to the 150,000 guys polled, confidence is the number one quality that draws them to a partner. Surprisingly, being discerning ranked at number two, while men said committed and spiritual women are also attractive.

On the flip side, women ranked being discerning as one of the least important qualities they look for in a boyfriend. Yet again, confidence came in at number one while being artistic and spiritual tied in third and fourth place.

In other words, men look for women who are confident but haven't had many partners, and women love guys who are committed, cultured, and spiritual. According to the study, you're out of luck if you love late nights out on the town or the odd athletic pursuit. Both party animals and sporty types were deemed less attractive. 


Courtesy of People and OKCupid

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