Forget Pretzels—Savory Doughnuts Are the Next Big Thing

Sophie Miura

Yes, today is National Pretzel Day, but its moment of glory is being eclipsed by the next big food trend: savory doughnuts. Part mad scientist experiment, part delicious stroke of genius, the bacon- and herb-topped creations beg to be sampled. According to Tasting Table, The Doughnut Project in New York City is releasing new flavors every day between noon and 1 p.m.

So far, offerings include the Adult PB&J, with foie gras and whipped peanut butter; the Bronx, with olive oil and black pepper; and the Classic, a bacon maple creation. Sure, some of the flavors are a tad extreme (bone marrow with clementine glaze, anyone?), but the limited-edition treats are seriously Instagram-worthy and selling out faster than you can say diet.

Not a New York City local? Here’s what all the fuss is about.

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