Forget Pretzels—Savory Doughnuts Are the Next Big Thing

Sophie Miura

Courtesy of The Doughnut Project

Yes, today is National Pretzel Day, but its moment of glory is being eclipsed by the next big food trend: savory doughnuts. Part mad scientist experiment, part delicious stroke of genius, the bacon- and herb-topped creations beg to be sampled. According to Tasting Table, The Doughnut Project in New York City is releasing new flavors every day between noon and 1 p.m.

So far, offerings include the Adult PB&J, with foie gras and whipped peanut butter; the Bronx, with olive oil and black pepper; and the Classic, a bacon maple creation. Sure, some of the flavors are a tad extreme (bone marrow with clementine glaze, anyone?), but the limited-edition treats are seriously Instagram-worthy and selling out faster than you can say diet.

Not a New York City local? Here’s what all the fuss is about.

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