10 Organization Habits You Need to Establish Before Age 30

10 Organization Habits You Need to Establish Before Age 30

To make any action a habit and ingrain it into your routine, it helps to establish this productive behavior when you’re young, before spouses, kids, career, and life get in the way. This is especially true when it comes to being clutter-free and organized, so to ensure we start getting into the groove, we called in a pro. New York-based professional organizer Tova Weinstock, a.k.a. Tidy Tova — whose mission is to teach people how to live a less-disoriented lifestyle and to best interact with their space — is sharing her tips for establishing good housekeeping habits when you’re young, laying the groundwork for a truly organized life.

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    1. Make Your Bed

    “Believe it or not, research has shown that making your bed in the morning is correlated with greater productivity and overall happiness. Starting your day off right will train your brain to keep up good behaviors throughout the day. Don’t underestimate the power of a made bed.”

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    2. Take Advantage of Hidden Storage Opportunities

    “If you live in a small space, it’s important to maximize all potential storage areas. Use the space under your bed to house larger or less-often used items like suitcases or seasonal clothing. Store your smaller belongings in containers with clear tops so you can see what’s inside and access them easily. The backs of doors are ideal for hooks and hanging bags or scarves and belts.”

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    3. Create a Secure Place for Your Keys

    “A hook by the front door or a small dish in the entryway are perfect places to keep your keys between uses. Get in the habit of storing them in their safe spot as soon as you enter the house and you’ll save yourself from strife and wasted time searching when you’re ready to be on your way.”

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    4. Put Clothing Away at the End of the Day

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    “When it comes time to undress, think of three choices that you have: launder, hang, or fold. Apply these to your clothing before it has a chance to hit the floor and slowly create a mound in your room. After all, that clothing won’t take care of itself and a larger pile means you’ll eventually have more to deal with.”

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    5. Maintain a To-Do List and Worship It

    “You’ve got lots to do all of the time and the days of convincing yourself that you’ll remember all of those tasks is over. Write out those to-dos and refer to your list. Explore various methods from a pen and paper to desktop stickies to a website aid like Wunderlist or Todoist. Remember to keep your tasks short and attainable, breaking major goals into smaller steps.”

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    6. Keep Your Sentimental Items in Check

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    “It’s time to hone in on what’s really worth saving. Curate your collection and try to corral all of the items in one plastic storage bin. Instead of chucking everything into one pile, divide the items by type and store the various collections of love letters, meaningful birthday cards, and old ticket stubs in labeled plastic folders.”

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    7. File, Don't Pile

    “Avoid dreadful paper piles by filing papers as soon as they enter your life. Instead of neglecting your mail, deal with it daily – immediately recycling any junk and opening the rest. If action is required, store the paper in a tray or folder that you’ve designated for “active” papers (think: bills or upcoming events).”

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    8. Protect Your Email Inbox

    “In the world of incoming emails, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. To avoid losing track of messages that warrant a response, reply in real-time as soon as you see the email. Phone apps such as Mailbox make this a breeze. Also, take a couple of seconds to unsubscribe from any spam to help fend off unwanted inbox clutter.”

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    9. Stay Aware of Your Inventory

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    “To prevent ever being stuck without a product that you’ll want (think: toothpaste or milk), maintain an awareness of what you have, what you need, and what you’re going to need soon. If something is running low, write it down and replenish as soon as you can. Finish up an item before you jump to open up a new one and avoid doubles in your medicine cabinet or fridge.”

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    10. Empty Your Pockets

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    “Take a minute to empty out your coat, bag or pant pockets at the end of the day. It’s likely that a number of things get thrown in there — trash, tissues or important receipts — so avoid allowing your pockets to turn into dumping grounds.”

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