New Airplane Promises to Eliminate Jet Lag

Katie Sweeney

Vitamins, sunlight, and high-energy meals combat the effects of jet lag pretty well, but wouldn’t it be great if the phenomenon didn’t exist at all? A new type of smart superjet is hoping to do just that. Elle Decor reported on the new Airbus A350 XWB airplane, which has a highly unique LED light system featuring 16.7 million light color combinations that will change throughout the course of the flight to mimic the natural phases of sunlight. This will help passengers’ internal clocks adjust to the time change that will occur upon arrival. The planes also have a humidification system and onboard fresh air that will allow travelers feel more refreshed and well rested at their destination. The first two airlines to operate the Airbus A350 are Singapore and Qatar Airlines, which will fly the Airbuses for select luxury flights. Although the cost of traveling on the plane has not yet been released, we can assume it won’t be cheap.

To ensure that you get your beauty sleep on the plane, travel with a cozy cashmere neck pillow.

What do you think of this news? Would you pay extra to eliminate jet lag?

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